Scrap Car

Our cars serve us well, but there comes a day for every car when they simply can’t run anymore. Your faithful vehicle will turn into a scrap car at some point. Whether it be old age, a wreck, or just falling into disrepair, they don’t last forever. When you have a car like this, look no further than Bessler’s U Pull & Save for all your scrap car needs.

scrap carsWhen you sell your scrap car to us, the only thing you need to do is get it to us. That’s it! You can push it, pull it, tow it, drive it, or have us come pick it up. You get the money in your pocket, and we send your car to our recycling facility. It’s the easy, hassle-free way to say goodbye to your car.

Choosing Bessler’s for your scrap car is the green way to go. Auto recycling allows you to get money for your car without harming the environment, which is very important to us. When you bring your  car, the usable parts are sold to us, we drain the fluids, pull out the wiring, and crush it. It’s then sent to a recycling facility. There, they reuse the steel, aluminum, and other metals found in your car. This causes significantly less damage to the environment than mining new metals from the earth!

We buy all types of scrap vehicles, and give you a quote based on the value of the metal and weight. While the amount we offer may fluctuate based on metal prices at the time you bring it in, we guarantee that our prices will always be competitive. If you have a car that’s of no use to you anymore, head over to Bessler’s U Pull & Save and get a quote today!

Contact us for any questions about our scrap car policies.