You May Experience the Following Issues with Your Car This Summer. Get the Parts You Need to Make the Repair at Bessler’s U Pull & Save

When the temperature starts to rise, and it gets hot outside this summer, you can bet the air conditioning will be on in your office, home and in most locations, you’ll visit. You’ll be happy to rock your flip flops, bathing suits and shorts to keep cool and withstand (and enjoy) the warm weather. But what about your car? How is it faring in extreme summer temperatures?

There are a number of issues your car might experience this summer due to hotter temperatures. We’ll brief you on the most common problems you may experience with your vehicle this summer, and hope you take preventative care to avoid them.

However, when faced with these problems, you are also confronted with expensive repairs. And that’s where Bessler’s U Pull & Save can save you money on car repairs with high quality used auto parts from our self-service salvage yard.

#1 Car engine overheating

You’ve hit the open road, and you’re on your way to an enjoyable weekend trip with family or friends. The sun is shining hot, almost too hot, but you don’t care because you’ll be neck deep in lake water in no time. Life is good.

That’s until something feels wrong while driving. The needle on your temperature gauge is increasing past the reasonable limit. Slight panic starts to fill you. “Oh no, please don’t let there be something wrong with my car,” you think. Then there’s an unusual smell coming from the engine and steam, or water vapor begins pouring out of the hood. Your car engine has overheated!!

At that point, your dream of cooling off in the lake is over, and the only thing you need to cool off is your engine, and maybe your mood. (Don’t worry, there’s no reason to get heated over expensive repairs, we have a solution for that in our salvage yard!)

Overheating is one of the most common summer car issues. Often, just a result of the hot weather, overheating can also be caused by a broken cooling system, blocked radiator, bad thermostat or failed water pump. We have used engines and engine parts, coolant system parts and more, all available at lower prices than dealers.

#2 Tire blowouts and wearing tire tread

Unlike in winter conditions when tires lose air pressure because of the cold, tire pressure can increase in the summer and cause tire blowouts. Just think about those heat waves coming off the road and how hot asphalt gets. Yep, your tires are riding on that. In fact, tire pressure will go up approximately one pound for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be a recipe for disaster, such as a tire blowout or, if nothing else, an overinflated tire will cause the car to handle and brake poorly and cause significant wear.

It’s also an excellent time to check your tire’s tread wear. When leaving on a trip, you would not want to have minimum tire tread. You can easily find and replace low tread tires with cheap used tires that are still road ready. We have a salvage yard of over 1000 vehicles near Canton where you can find affordable used tires that will keep you safe on the road this summer.

Remember, it’s important to check your tire pressure before going on long trips or while you’re filling up your gas tank. Otherwise, you’ll end up in our salvage yard looking for used tires after a tire blowout! But hey, we’d be happy to have you, and our salvage yard makes it easy to find the exact tire you’re looking for.

#3 Hot temperatures affect car battery life

Most people know that cold winter temperatures can cause batteries to fail. You attempt to start your vehicle one cold winter morning, and nothing happens. But again, just like with tires, intense summer heat can cause issues here as well. In fact, according to the Car Care Council your vehicle’s battery is more likely to fail in the summer than the winter.

At least the damage is done in the summer time. Heat is a killer of all batteries. Laptop batteries, phone batteries, car batteries, you name it. That’s because higher temperatures speed up internal corrosion within the battery cells and reduce its life expectancy.

A car battery’s average life expectancy can vary depending on the manufacturer and model, but you can expect it to be much less in areas of the country that continuously experience extreme temperatures. And once the heat has damaged it, it can’t be restored.

Save on summer spending, salvage your parts!

If you experience any car issue this summer, don’t forget you have an affordable option to get you back on the road again. Bessler’s U Pull & Save has all the parts you’ll need at affordable prices.

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