Refurbish Your Ride Yourself

If your daily driver is feeling a bit tired, there are lots of things you can do to refurbish it for a fresh, clean look and feel. The best part is, you don’t have to spend money having someone else replace the worn out components of your car with new parts.

There are plenty of high-wear parts you can replace yourself with basic hand tools and no special knowledge necessary. Fixing a broken door handle or a ripped seat is easier than you might think, and you can likely find the original parts to make your replacement seamless – as long as you know where to look. (Hint: U-Pull-and-Save!)

Some easily swappable common wear parts include:

Save big on common wear parts when you shop at Bessler’s U-Pull-and-Save in Canton.

Seats – If your seat has become stained, ripped or has simply worn out, or if you just want a more comfortable seat, replacing it can go a long way toward restoring your car’s interior. Not all seats are the same size, so your best bet is to find a car of the same make and model as yours at a salvage yard and pull one from there.

Sun Visors – Your car’s sun visor can become worn and torn with time and sun exposure, and replacing it can actually be quite simple. Visors come in different types and colors, so be sure to choose one that will be a good match for your vehicle. Small touches like this will make your vehicle look and feel much newer.

Door Handles – Door handles are one of the few parts of your vehicle that you use each and every time you use your car, truck or SUV. A mechanism inside the lock called the lock cylinder will need to be replaced if your key:

  • Gets stuck or breaks off in the lock
  • Unlocks some doors but not others
  • Goes into the locks but does not turn

You can find interior and exterior door handles for many late model cars, trucks, and vans in our massive parts yard.

Taillights – A cracked or broken taillight assembly could mean a big ticket from your local police officer. Taillights can crack and become brittle due to age and UV exposure from the sun. They can also be broken as the result of backing into an object or a minor collision. Don’t get ticketed – replace your taillight with one from the junkyard!

At Bessler’s U-Pull-and-Save, you can pick out the exact replacement parts you need at our self-serve junkyard, conveniently located in Canton. All parts have a standard 3-day warranty, with extended warranties available for $1 per day. Using recycled auto parts is a great idea for many reasons including:

  • Save Money
  • Get the Parts You Want
  • Get OEM Parts
  • Access to Old Parts
  • Landfill Reduction
  • No Waiting on Shipping

If you have parts of your car that need to be updated, consider purchasing salvage auto parts from Bessler’s U-Pull-and-Save and installing them yourself. Not only will your ride look and feel better, you can also take pride in knowing you did everything on your own.